The World’s Most Dangerous Foods

What would occur if we lived in a world the place meals were required to remain alive, however, might additionally kill you? Would not that be excessively merciless? Effectively, irrespective of whether it is or not, that’s the world we dwell in.

Though the variety of meals that may actually kill you shortly is sort of restricted, that doesn’t imply that consuming meals is at all times a contented activity. Listed below are a few meals which have the best likelihood of killing you and/or fully destroying your life.

Rotten cheese

I am not speaking about common rotten cheese “oh, I left this within the fridge too lengthy”, however concerning the Sardinian delicacy known as casu marzu. As a result of this cheese ages for too lengthy, it might probably comprise insect larvae. Bon Urge for food!


If this Japanese delight will not be cleaned and ready correctly, the fugu poison can kill you nearly immediately.


In the event you eat this African and South American dish when it’s not nicely cooked, it incorporates linamarin. Though that title in all probability means nothing to you, remember that it turns into cyanide should you eat it.

Mushroom Dying Cap

I imply, it is known as “data of loss of life” for a motive. Though the style will not be even half dangerous, it might probably trigger extreme injury to most of your inner organs, together with your coronary heart.


Absinthe may cause heavy hallucinations as a result of the woodworm it incorporates. Many individuals have damaged themselves due to their journey by way of absinthe.


This Jamaican fruit has seeds that are toxic. It is strongly recommended to eat the fruit solely when it’s absolutely ripe and correctly ready.
Sannakji (Dwell Octopus-Sashimi)
If you don’t chew this accurately, sucking may cause you to drown. So I suppose it would not damage to provide him some further bites earlier than you swallow the meals, huh?

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